Gather all your statistics on a single dashboard!

Affiliboard is…

  • …well connected

    Affiliboard currently supports 27 different ad and affiliate networks and provider for statistical data. You can also use our REST API to import your own data.

  • …secure

    All your credentials and API keys are stored cryptographically secure on our database server located in Germany. Our up-to-date systems are developed and maintained solely by our team in Germany.

  • …well-arranged

    Not only allows Affiliboard to review total and network statistics, you can also display the data of a single site. Channels of a single network may be assigned to a single site, or devided to multiple sites.


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About us

  • Julian

    is our CEO and a passionate developer. If there is a process to automate, he propably did this already.

  • Sebastian

    has an eye for usability and bugs the developers until anything work like a charm. When there's a problem with the interface, don't hesitate to contact him.

  • Dominik

    runs on caffeine and is our hard-core developer. Not only early in the morning, but also late at night and on the weekend :-)

  • Mrs. Polly

    is our office dachshund, responsible for the monitoring. When something does down the tubes, she usually knows it first.